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"BMT ltd" designes and manufactures the plants for desalinated water used in the production of electronic components and devices, semiconductors, circuits, LCDs etc. in compliance with the production technical requirements for purified water.


  • State Standard (GOST) 6709-72 «Distilled water. Technical conditions»
  • OST 11. 029.003 – 80. «Electronic devices. Water for production process. Brand names, technical requirements, methods of treatment and  control»
  • D5127-90 Standard Guide for Electronic Grade Water issued by  American Society for Testing and Materials  (ASTM);
  • other industrial Standards.

Specific resistance of ultra-pure water for microelectronics reachning 18 МОm*сm (deionized water).

Water treatment plants for microelectronics comprise:

· mechanical pretretment

· one- or two-stage Reverse Osmosis desalination

· Н-cation exchange, ОН-anion exchange

· decarbonization and deaeration

· mixed-bed resin filter (or electric deionizer)

· other methods and combinations.

Mixed bed resin RO EDI