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distiller "BMT ltd" has been producing laboratory and semi-industrial distillers and deionisers membrane distillers and deionizers from 5 to 100 l/h capacity for 10 years, which are used to produce distilled,  redistilled and high purity deionized water. The treatment technology includes polishing filtration, sorption with activated carbon, Reverse Osmosis and deionization.

Membrane distillers are used for water desalination in compliance with the following requirements:

  • Distilled water quality GOST "Distilled water. Technical conditions."
  • Laboratory testing water quality GOST R 52501-2005 (ISO 3696:1987) "Water for laboratory tests. technical conditions"
  • Water quality requirements for electronics in compliance with OST 11.029.003-80 "Water used in production process" and ASTM D-5127-90

Distillers "DM" are reliable and cost-effective. The technological advantage of water treatment method is its usability, low energy consumption, cheap service and maintenance.  All changable parts are easy to replace after their exhaust. Distillers can be reclaimed providing stable water quality .  Undoubtful andvantage of distillers produced by "BMT ltd" is the possibility to get high quality distilled water from  municipal water supply.

Distillers "DM" are manufactured by "BMT ltd" in compliance with TU 4859-002-93544000-2006, have sanitary-hygienic and other required certificates.


"BMT ltd" offers for sale new model of distillers for producing distilled and deionized water with the capacity of 50 and 100 l/hour.