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Municipal and communial services

drinking water«BMT ltd» produces a wide range of equipment for surface and underground water treatment with the aim of producing high quality drinking water in compliance with RF Sanitary Standards  2.1.1074-01 and High quality of water is achieved due to the combined application of innovative membrane technologies and conventional water treatment methods.



Power engineering


"BMT ltd" offers  state-of-art water treatment equipment for both newly built power stations and for up-dating and conversion of the existing ones, including hydroplants, heat stations, nuclear power plants etc., which are major water consumers. The quality of water plays key role in equipment life service, safety, efficiency etc., that is why water quality is essential for proper operation of power engineering enterprises.



Machine-building and metallurgy



The necessity to use water treatment equipment at the enterprises of machine-building and metallurgy is determined by the considerable amount of purified water for various purposes including water for boilers, washing, rinsing, preparing  emulsions  etc. "BMT ltd" offers membrane technologies combined with conventional ones in order to purify water in compliance with certain Industrial Standards.  



Electroplating industry


«BMT ltd.» manufactures water treatment plants for electroplating industry in compliance with State Standards GOST 9.314-90 — «Unified protection system against corrosion and aggression. Rinsing water for electroplating industry and rinsing process arrangement».






"BMT ltd" designes and manufactures the plants for desalinated water used in the production of electronic components and devices, semiconductors, circuits, LCDs etc. in compliance with the production technical requirements for purified water.



Food industry


All modern enterprises producing food products require efficient water treatment to provide stable operation of complex technological processes. "BMT ltd" offers water treatment plants for producing high quality water for any branch of food industry  in compliance with a certain production process.




Glasswork industry


Glasswork enterprises and double-glazed window manufactures use water in various technological processes. Considerable water consumption and high price cause the necessity to apply rinsing water reuse systems.  "BMT ltd" manufactures water treatment equipment meeting the Clients' requirements and develops water reuse systems, which improve product quality, enterprise profitability,  equipment operation life and sufficiently reduces water and energy consumption.




distiller"BMT ltd" has been producing laboratory and semi-industrial distillers and deionisers membrane distillers and deionizers from 5 to 100 l/h capacity. Their design includes polishing filter, sorption unit with activated carbon, Reverse Osmosis and deionization. Most models have  integral pump and scale prevention unit for the Reverse Osmosis membrane. Due to continuous control of the specific conductivity you are guaranteed to have high quality water.




petroleum"BMT ltd" develops and manufactures water treatment systems providing contituous water supply of the appropriate quality and amount for petrochemical plants, where water is used both for technologic and production purposes and for household  use and fire preventing measures as well. Quality water supply is arranged on the basis of innovative membrane processes and conventional water treatment methods.



Light industry


"BMT ltd" designs and manufactures water treatment systems for all branches of light industry including textile, fragrance industries, tannaries etc. Processed water corresponds to the Clients  technological requirements. Water treatment technology is developed individually for each enterprise and depends on initial water analysis, capacity and processed water requirements.



"Pure water" research complex

Чистая вода

ЗАО "БМТ"  разработало учебно-производственный и научно-исследовательский автоматизированный технологический комплекс «Чистая вода» для проведения полного цикла экспериментальных работ по отработке комплексных высокоэффективных энерго- и ресурсосберегающих технологий очистки природных и сточных вод. Комплекс позволяет выполнять научно-исследовательские работы в рамках университетских, отраслевых научных программ, по заказам сторонних организаций, в рамках федеральных, региональных и муниципальных  экологических программ.