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Стекольная промышленность

Glasswork industry


Glasswork enterprises and double-glazed window manufactures use water in various technological processes. Considerable water consumption and high price cause the necessity to apply rinsing water reuse systems.  "BMT ltd" manufactures water treatment equipment meeting the Clients' requirements and develops water reuse systems, which improve product quality, enterprise profitability,  equipment operation life and sufficiently reduces water and energy consumption.


Demineralised water of 10 mg/l mineralization and minimal content of organic impurities is used to rinse the glass in the  double-glazed window manufacturing process. The necessity to use this type of water is connected with the final product quality. Water should not leave any traces  or sediments on the surface of  double-glazed windows after their rinsing and drying.

All modern enterprises producing double-glazed windows require specially processed water. Traditionally this type of water was prepared by ion-exchange demineralisation processes. Nowadays Reverse Osmosis is widely used for this purpose.

Technological process and equipment are developed individually for every Client in compliance with the requirements.

"BMT ltd" offers innovative technology of glass etching effluents processing, including hydrofluoric acid recovery and reuse of valuable components in  the production processing.